Motivate Your Team to Do More Than the Minimum

Motivate Your Team to Do More Than the Minimum

Vital-Course3to2It’s great when your employees do their jobs. It’s even better when your employees go beyond their job description to really excel. Part of a manager’s job is to motivate employees to do more than the minimum. Some of that motivation may come from bonuses and pay raises, but usually it takes more than money to get employees to do their best. Demonstrate Caring About the People and the Project

People put in more effort when they care about a project and the people involved. When managers demonstrate that they care about the project and the people, employees absorb that attitude.

Managers need to keep the team up-to-date about what’s going on with the project and the broader context around it. They need to speak individually with team members who are affected by changes or who are struggling with challenges (work or personal) to help them find ways to cope and mitigate the impact.

When higher-ups in senior management express interest in a project, that really demonstrates the significance and importance of a project, so try to get someone “important” to talk to the team about the value of the work.

source url Encourage Employees to Grow

Companies that support employee development through training and tuition reimbursement show employees that the company wants them to learn new skills and apply them at work. Encouraging employees to pursue interests that aren’t immediately applicable to project work also is motivating.

Helping employees develop interpersonal skills is another motivational tactic. Employees who don’t feel comfortable speaking up or dealing with conflict will shy away from some kinds of challenges. When they develop skills to cope with those situations, they’re able to contribute in many more ways.

Supporting development doesn’t have to come through training, though. Official and unofficial mentoring can also show the employee that the company values them.

purchase provigil online Trust Employees to Get the Work Done

Nothing kills motivation faster than being micromanaged. If the only way to do the work is your way, employees have absolutely no reason to be creative and stretch beyond the bounds of their assignment. Trust your team to get the work done — make sure the structure and requirements are clear, but let employees do their work their way.

When possible, let employees stretch their skills by assigning work that’s slightly more complex or slightly outside the range of work they’ve completed previously. Besides motivating employees to develop the skills to complete the new tasks, varying the work keeps the project more interesting, which is motivating in itself.

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