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LinkedIn Groups Are a Great Place to Find Passive Job Candidates Vital-ContactTouchBadTie3to2Sometimes you can’t wait for the best candidate to find you; you have to go out and find them. There are passive job candidates who are open to the possibility of making a change in employment, but aren’t yet at the point where they’re sending out resumes and responding to job ads.

where can i buy gabapentin in the uk LinkedIn is a tremendous resource for finding and reaching out to these passive job seekers. You can search for candidates by their skills, however, another way to find great candidates is through looking at active participants in relevant LinkedIn groups. Industry thought leaders often participate in LinkedIn groups, but anyone who writes posts and comments in technically focused LinkedIn groups clearly has passion for their subject, is working to stay knowledgeable, and is interested in interacting with other people in their field. That means they may be intrigued by the challenges your open position can offer them.

Use LinkedIn’s group directory to find groups where candidates with the skills you need are likely to hang out; there are groups on general information technology topics and groups on specific skills and technologies, such as Java development, cloud computing, and information security. There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn, so be as specific in your search terms as possible to find the most relevant groups.

Once you identify a passive candidate through their LinkedIn group membership, you can review their profiles for more information on their backgrounds and then reach out to them if they seem like they will be a good fit for your opening. Pay attention to the things they’ve posted in their group to tailor your message to them. Their posts can tell you what they’re interested in and let you sell the job opportunity to them specifically, rather than sending them the generic job description.

What you don’t want to do is join a group and simply post your standard job listing there. Unless the group is specifically designed for job seekers, this kind of post may not be welcome. And if the group is designed for job seekers, well, you’re in the wrong place to find passive job candidates.

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