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Make It Easy for Job Candidates on Your Job Board

Vital-Contact3to2Remember that while you’re screening candidates to make sure that they’re a good fit for your open position, candidates are also screening you to make sure they want to work for your company. Your job board needs to encourage potential employees to submit their resumes, not turn them off before they apply. Use the following tips to make sure good candidates apply for your jobs after they visit your site:

  1. buy Pregabalin Make it easy for candidates to find jobs they’re interested in. Big companies can have hundreds of open positions, in hundreds of locations, in dozens of business areas. Make sure candidates can easily filter through jobs to get to the ones that are relevant to them — just like on Google, few people click through beyond the first page of search results. Let them sort the results in the order they want, and let them limit listings to new postings.
  1. Make your job listings appealing. Remember, a job post is an ad. You need to convince candidates they want this position, so it’s not only about what you want from them; it’s also about what you can do for them. Your job post needs to grab them from the first sentence, so the headline should say something that will get them excited — something like “build the next generation of X” rather than “Experienced Java developer.”
  1. buy provigil dubai Make it easy to apply. So the candidate found your listing and the post convinced them they’re a good fit. Don’t lose them now! A complicated application process is a turn off, so streamline the process. Limit the application to essential fields. While allowing candidates to upload a Word or pdf version of their resume can be useful, make sure the parsing tool you use does a good job of pulling out the critical information. If the applicant needs to correct too many fields, they may get frustrated and quit before the application’s complete.
  1. Make sure your site is mobile friendly. As much as 60 percent of web traffic these days is mobile. If your site’s interface is clunky when viewed on a small screen, candidates may not make the effort to read the job details and apply. They may not bother to revisit your site once they’re in front of a larger screen.

Another way to make it easy for job candidates? Work with a staffing agency like Vital Professional Services who will pre-screen candidates’ resumes and pass on all the relevant information to you.

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