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What Are Questions You Need to Ask Data Security Candidates?

follow url Security breaches can be costly for businesses. The cost of notifying customers of a breach and implementing more effective technology is expensive, but the damage to a company’s reputation can be worse. Bringing in skilled data security staff is crucial for a company to protect itself. Asking the right questions is key to making sure a candidate has the skills needed to perform the job.

Questions to Probe Technical Knowledge

buy prednisone canada online You’ll want to ask the candidate questions that probe their understanding about security-related technology. Depending on the position you’re hiring for, these questions can include topics such as firewall configuration or encryption and key management. They should be able to answer questions about HTTPS and SSL, and how to defend against issues such as phishing, cross-site scripting, and denial of service attacks. Ask questions about basic issues such as why and how to protect data in transit as well as data at rest.

Questions to Verify Their Experience

can i buy gabapentin online The candidate’s resume will put the best possible spin on their experience; ask probing questions to confirm exactly what tasks they were responsible for. Find out what their role was in identifying and responding to a security incident at their current or former employer. Ask what they see as their biggest accomplishment. If they had a leadership role, how did they direct their team? Also, ask questions about how they stay current with industry trends; a candidate with great current experience but little interest in maintaining their skills won’t be a top contributor for very long.

Questions to Gauge Their Insight

For more senior positions, questions related to the details of specific technology are less important than questions that help you assess the candidate’s ability to help your company identify and plan to cope with new threats. An interesting question to ask is where they see your company’s vulnerabilities and what they would suggest to address those weaknesses. Another question is how threat intelligence can be used to make smarter plans for responding to security threats.

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