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A Good Onboarding Plan Sets New Hires Up For Success Vital-DoctorMetro1000x300Your new employees are nervous their first day of work. You’ll make it easier for them to feel positive about their experience if you have an onboarding plan. That means more than making a list of forms you need filled out. Create an onboarding plan that will set new employees up for success — helping you as well as the new employee feel good about their start to the job.

Connect the New Hire to the Company

follow link Although you probably discussed the company’s mission during the candidate’s interview, make sure to review corporate values and goals with the employee on their first day. Connect your department and their specific responsibilities to overall corporate objectives so they understand where they fit in and how important their work is.

Connect the New Hire to Their Colleagues

see url Make sure to introduce the new hire to their teammates. If they have a leadership role, make sure the teammates are aware of the hierarchy. Introduce them to the people they’ll work with in other departments, too — the business, sales, or marketing people who generate the requirements and the support teams that help the work get done. They’ll need to build relationships with all of them to be effective.

Connect the New Hire to Their Career

Know what priorities the employee needs to focus on and have a plan to get them the background information needed to start solving problems. Schedule time for them to meet with you or subject matter experts to provide project details. Make it clear you expect them to be around for the long term, too, by talking about the longer-term development you expect from them, including company training programs.

Onboarding Doesn’t Happen in a Day

The employee only has one first day, but their career with your company can last decades. Onboarding can’t continue until they retire, but don’t try to cram meeting everyone and learning everything into a single day. You’ll overwhelm your new employee. Instead, map out a schedule that will introduce them to everything and everyone they need to know over a period of a few weeks. This lets them get comfortable gradually; it also maintains the excitement of learning something new for a longer period time. If you plan the onboarding schedule well, they’ll have the knowledge they need when they need it and will succeed every day they show up at work.

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