A Walk on the Wild Side

wholesale cytotec WildSide-LionessHeadstandVital Professional Services proudly extended our http://warm-winters.org/?mcsf_action=main_css Giving Back initiative this month.  When it came to publishing news about this Canby, Oregon non-profit, we had to let the cat out of the bag.  Yes, seriously: it was a very large bag with lots of big cats inside!

source A Walk on the Wild Side is an animal conservation park on the road between Salem and Portland, where you will discover Oregon’s most diverse non-profit exotic animal refuge.  Everyone involved dedicates time, effort, and other donations toward improving wild animals’ quality of life.  With their mission to provide a permanent, safe, and comfortable environment for displaced exotic species, this organization is among the most noble.  As a result, it has also become one of the nation’s most popular independently operated non-profit bio-preserves.

WildSide-BluEyedPurrCatLicensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture, A Walk on the Wild Side has provided feature educational exhibits with live exotics at several West Coast state fairs.  You may ask, “Where do they collect so many special species?”  Sadly, many come from homes already outside the animals’ natural habitat.  For any number of reasons, the former owners no longer have or exercise the capability to care for them.  Some are abandoned, others represent humane donations, and many more arrive as rescued – sometimes turned away from conventional shelters because of special needs that often accompany these beautiful and unusual animals.

WildSide-TanSpottedKitKatWild Side spearheads efforts to elevate public education about responsible animal ownership.  Placing the best interests of more than 150 species first, they exercise specialized care while maintaining equally specialized permits from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Providing public interaction with many of their animals through events like state fairs and educational outreach, the facility illustrates the best habitat available, short of returning and releasing the animals to the wild.

lioresal 5 mg preis  A Walk on the Wild Side struggles daily to balance the need for humane animal care and public awareness, with the steadily rising cost associated with specialized conservation.  Even the animals’ eight-year home, Clackamas County forced the non-profit to close its park gates to public tours.  The same officials demanded that the rescue facility remove several animal shelters and weather guards.

Consequently, the refuge opened a public funding solicitation on the popular GoFundMe.Com website, where you can quickly learn how to participate in their immediate reverential effort to comply with new laws and ordinances.  Vital Professional Services encourages everyone to share this page and take a meaningful part in helping the helper: A Walk on the Wild Side!  Learn more by visiting their website, WildSideOregon.Org, and by exploring their immediate need at GoFundMe.Com/ompthc.