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Give Thanks for Your Great Staff Vital-Course3to2Money isn’t the only thing that matters to your employees. Even if corporate policy limits raises and bonuses, there are other things you can do to let your employees know they’re appreciated.

Say “Thank You”

Buy Viagra 50 mg in Coral Springs Florida It costs nothing to say “thank you,” but hearing those words from a manager can mean a lot to your staff. Say those words publicly, and be specific about what the employee did, and they’ll carry even more weight.

Celebrate Success

click here Some companies have budgets for small celebrations. Even if you don’t, spending a small amount of your own money to order a pizza or a cake is often worth it. Get the team together to celebrate the successful end of a project. Not only does your recognition count, it gives team members a chance to interact less formally, which helps build relationships that make it easy for them to work well together.

Time is Money

Well, not literally, but offering time in lieu of money is often appreciated by employees, especially those who’ve had to pull late hours to resolve problems. Make it up to them by offering some additional time off. On the slow days before a holiday, send staff home early. Just make sure you have sufficient coverage in case of problems, so you won’t need to call anyone back in.

Put It in Writing

Even if you don’t have budget for raises, you should still write positive things about an employee on their annual review. Besides making the employee feel good, this becomes part of their record at work and may help them get a raise or promotion in the future, even if it doesn’t get them any tangible reward now.

Spend Time with Them

One on one time with their boss is incredibly valuable to employees. Take team members out for coffee, for lunch, or just for a walk — it doesn’t matter where you go, but get away from the office so you can focus on being with the employee. Tell them thanks and make sure they hear you, but more importantly, pay attention to them — use this as an opportunity to hear your employee’s concerns and desires about what they’re doing at work and what they want from work. Then, when you get back into the office, do what you can to address those issues. Next time you meet with them one-on-one, your employee may be the one thanking you.

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