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Can’t Find Top IT Talent? Here Are 3 Areas to Focus On

Vital-ComputerTouchBadTie1000x667pxFinding top IT employees is a competitive game. As the economy’s improved, candidates are finding more opportunities open, so your offers need to come quickly and stand out against other companies’. At the same time, there’s still risk in bringing on employees who don’t work out, so you need to continue to vet candidates effectively before making those offers. Here are three tips to help you put together winning job offers and make sure your new hire will be a winning employee:

  1. buy gabapentin cod Make sure the employee will fit your corporate culture. Employees who have the perfect skills but aren’t comfortable in your work environment won’t stay long enough to make meaningful contributions. Make sure you discuss the corporate environment with potential hires; even better, present the corporate environment honestly on your website so candidates will self-screen themselves out if they aren’t a good fit. Ask the candidate what motivates them to succeed. You can use behavioral interviewing techniques to see how they’ve handled situations similar to ones they’re likely to find in your firm.
  1. source Use your contacts to vet the potential employee. References selected by the candidate are likely to present the candidate in a positive light; previous employers may be limited by corporate policy to simply confirming dates of employment. You may get a better perspective by seeking out references on your own. Use a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn and identify any common connections, then reach out to ask questions.
  1. Seroquel sale Get creative with your job offers. Before you even start looking for an employee, you should know what the market rate salary is for the position, seniority level, and skill set you’re hiring for. Realize that your competition knows this market rate, too. This means that unless you have very deep pockets, you’re not likely to win over a candidate based on the salary offer alone. You can attract attention through creative job offers that include swag bags and signing bonuses. A signing bonus that decreases the longer the employee takes to accept the offer can provide additional incentive for the potential hire to say “Yes” quickly.

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