Should You Consider Relocating a Job Candidate?

Should You Consider Relocating a Job Candidate?

Vital-ComputerTouchBadTie1000x667pxCompanies are often encouraged to cast a wide net to find the best candidate for a job. Usually this means using a lot of platforms for recruiting: the company’s job board, LinkedIn, etc. Sometimes though, if a company is having trouble finding a suitable local job candidate, you may need to expand the geographical area you recruit in as well. While some non-local candidates may be planning to relocate on their own, in most cases, your company will need to pay for relocation to persuade a remote candidate to accept an offer. Because of the additional cost associated with relocation, keep the following factors in mind.

Have you spent enough time looking locally? Maybe you’ll find a good candidate locally if you keep looking. People’s circumstances change all the time, and someone who wasn’t open to a new opportunity yesterday might be in the job market tomorrow. On the other hand, there are costs associated with leaving positions unfilled. You need to weigh those costs against the costs of a candidate who needs relocation.

Does the candidate need a very specific skill set?

buy provigil online australia It may be the case that the job requires a very specific skill that’s not in common use. If that’s true, it’s possible that simply looking longer in your local area won’t turn up suitable candidates. You may need to look for candidates near specialized educational programs, or in areas that have adopted that technology more widely. You should also consider whether you could train a generally well-qualified candidate in the necessary skills, rather than continuing to look for someone who is already trained.

What happens if the candidate doesn’t work out?

Relocation expenses typically involve temporary housing, assistance finding permanent housing, and moving the new hire’s entire household. You will likely need to pay for the candidate to come to interview, and possibly for a visit to look for housing before they start the job. If you hire the candidate, you should have an agreement regarding whether any of these costs need to be reimbursed if the employee quits or is terminated within a specified period of time.

When a company is recruiting non-local candidates, it’s particularly important to have an effective pre-screening process using phone or video interviews and online tests to assess skill. These tools can let you weed out candidates who appear good on paper but don’t have the necessary skills. It’s also helpful to have an honest discussion about the location and lifestyle to check that it would be a good match in advance of bringing the candidate on site for an interview. If you do get to the point of bringing them in, be prepared to pay for an extra night in the hotel to give them an opportunity to explore the local area. It’s far better for a candidate to realize they don’t want to live in your town before they take the job.

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