Conduct a Great Phone Interview

Conduct a Great Phone Interview

buy modafinil from mexico Vital_Pro_Services-Expertise-600x400Phone interviews are the first personal contact between most job candidates and the hiring company. Companies often view them as a way to screen out candidates, but it’s important to recognize that candidates are assessing the company as well. Done right, these interviews provide useful information about the candidate and also increase the candidate’s interest in the company.

Plan Ahead

buy discount Deltasone Phone interviews need to be brief. Often, candidates are squeezing these conversations into their workday, giving up lunch and speaking on cell phones from their cars. Because time is limited, the interviewer should know what they will ask before they pick up the phone. In general, the phone interview should be structured around an introduction, quick overview of the company, quick overview from the candidate, questions specific to this position, questions from the candidate, and explanation of the process after the phone interview is complete.

Ask the Right Questions

xenical generic no prescription Ease into the interview with simple questions to break the ice, but be sure to focus later questions around the specific job. For technical roles, it’s important that phone interviews provide a baseline assessment of technical skills. Have a standard set of questions and know what acceptable answers would be. All candidates should be asked the same technical questions to be able to compare their skills properly.

Make It a Conversation, Not an Interrogation

Because there is no nonverbal interaction during a phone interview, candidates can feel they’re being bombarded by questions. Manage the pace of the interview, allowing adequate time for the candidate to answer your questions. Also allow time for the candidate to ask questions. Present a picture of the company that’s relevant to the specific role and candidate, rather than a canned speech. The interview should leave the candidate with a positive impression of the company and make them want to work there.

After the Interview

When you end the phone interview, let the candidate know what to expect next. When you think a candidate sounds like a good fit and want to bring them in to meet in person, let them know. For those times when the interview didn’t go so well, it’s often simplest to say that HR will follow up.

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