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Why Your Business Needs a Startup Mentality

buy fluoxetine nz Vital-ProcessWomanGlasses3to2Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing old. For people, staying young at heart is a key to enjoying life. For companies, keeping that startup mentality is a key to continued success.

click here Unlike people, companies that aren’t successful don’t get a chance to grow older. The challenge for companies is that success often means growing bigger. In turn, that means more people, more departments, more confusion. And that results in more meetings, more bureaucracy, and more procedures intended to bring it all under control.

follow Control is necessary, but it’s important not to tighten up so much that you choke off the creativity, innovation, and responsiveness that allow startups to respond quickly to market changes. Keep your startup mentality through the following:

  • Push for continued innovation. Innovation is key to your company’s success, not only in product development, but also in your internal operations. Encourage and reward creative thinking in dealing with routine business issues.
  • Minimize meetings. Face-to-face communication has advantages over email, but as the company and projects get bigger, meetings require a cast of thousands and time is wasted in scheduling the meeting as well as taking people away from business priorities. Use meetings only when necessary; invest in collaboration tools to make online communication more interactive and effective than email chains.
  • Encourage communication across teams and levels. When a business’s entire staff shares one office and fits around one conference table, it’s easy for anyone to bring ideas to the decision makers. When companies grow larger, the increased size and organizational hierarchy can stifle communication, keeping it within a single branch and going through “proper channels.” As a result, good ideas never get heard by the people who can put them into action. Avoid that by encouraging open communication that lets ideas circulate informally without worrying about the protocol of talking with other departments and other managers.
  • Provide time to think. The most valuable assets your company has are the ideas locked inside your staff’s brains. Give them the time to think, rather than overloading them with things to do. Their insights will shape the future direction and future success of the business.

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