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  • Vital 2015: Looking Ahead

    By Vital-Course3to2A View from the Forward Watch

    buy cheap modafinil australia Vital Professional Services enters the New Year on fire, building on the momentum from recent months.  We are expanding our online presence with compelling updates, adding valuable features to our recruitment processes, and developing new service offerings that are so innovative – we have to keep the details completely secret!  We have even discussed inviting a select few aboard to provide candid insight and honest critiques regarding our initiatives.  Of course, we will continue to post developments as the year progresses, so be sure to stay vigilant.

    With this entry, we want to whet your appetite and reveal a bit about what to expect:

    • More blog entries, recruiting guidance, and help for finding a great job;
    • Employment market coverage, where it’s going, and what it means to you;
    • How to find (and keep) your ideal job;
    • Cool cutting-edge SaaS products and why they are so interesting to us;
    • Plus much more: so much more, that we will need a year to communicate it all!

    see url Vital Professional Services is an innovative recruitment firm focused on the successful career placement of talented individuals with respected companies. As a leader, Vital takes this dedication a step further.  This year, we are expanding our industry commitment, exploring and carefully listening – both to what the company needs and to what the employee wants when on the hunt!

    There is a fun part to all of this!

    Why are we so excited? As we have grown, we traveled more deeply into the placement and employment realm. During the voyage, we have created relationships with countless amazing people at lots of companies. They have shared with us feedback, challenges, successes, and ideas about human resources, the hiring process, and the recruitment industry as a whole. With that information as a framework – a navigational chart – we are creating software that addresses many basic challenges and resolves some of the most frustrating obstacles to finding the perfect person for the job.

    We think something like this is long overdue, given the technology in our lives and the talent in our area. We think it is a pretty big deal, and we think you will, too. We are not quite ready to unveil our secret just yet, but stay tuned! Each week brings us closer, and we can barely wait to share this with our friends, colleagues, customers, and talented job seekers.

    Happy New Year from everyone at Vital Professional Services!

  • Three LinkedIn Must-Haves Strengthen Your New Job Search!


    Vital-Candidates3to2Your LinkedIn profile is now more important than ever, because during the HR hunt, many recruiters use LinkedIn as their only candidate resource. These three checkpoints help position your profile for discovery by recruiters and future hiring managers alike!

    1. Request professional referrals! Simply ask co-workers, managers, advisers, colleagues, and anyone else in your network to write two or three good, meaningful, relevant, and professional endorsements about you, your skills, and your team participation.

    2. Add keywords to your roles – past and present. Understanding that search engines guide recruiters to your profile will help maximize your profile views. Think about companies where you want to work, then read appealing job descriptions they posted. Add their keywords to your current (and former) role(s) where appropriate. During the candidate search, XYZ Company recruiters are likely to use their in-house terms, so familiarize yourself with them – and make sure they find them in your LinkedIn profile.

    3. Add a professional picture! Depending on your target role, this could be a fun update – with considerable creative latitude, provided the overall appearance is “professional” in the eyes of the viewer. Looking for a marketing position? Well, market yourself with an engaging avatar!

    BONUS STEP: Join relevant Subject-Matter groups! LinkedIn also hosts groups, and most include a ‘Jobs’ area where members post openings. Also, be sure to participate in discussions, because hiring managers want professionally considerate passionate participants on their teams. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate a little of your character and personality that otherwise doesn’t appear on a resume.

    Good Luck!

  • How to ask Behavioral Interview Questions


    Vital_Pro_Services-Employers-1000x667Behavioral Interviewing – Candidates may dread it, and hiring managers love the insight it provides into a candidate’s behavior tendencies. While asking behavioral questions, and knowing what to look for, there is another tool that can provide even more value to your hiring process.

    Behavioral interviewing questions allow the hiring manager to clearly see both strengths and weakness’ during the interview process, ensuring that the candidate they hire, is truly the most fit for the job. The best addition you can make your already heavy repertoire of question is the S.T.A.R. answering format.

    S.T.A.R. stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. By instructing your candidates to answer in this format you are going to ensure you get the most information about their abilities and experience. An example of how your conversation should go, and exactly what the team here at Vital Professional Services would say is listed below.

    Hiring Manager: The next question is going to be looking at your past experience and how it is going to help you here at Vital Professional Services. Tell me about a time in your work or personal life when attention to detail made a difference in a project you were leading. Please answer by giving me a Situation you were in, your implied task, any actions you took during the situation and the what happened as a result of your actions.

    Outstanding Candidate: At a former job, I was responsible for quality assurance on a new development project. Company X, we used a mixture of manual and automated testing tools. One day toward the end of this project, I realized a key piece of the software had remained untested through an error in our testing practices. Since I was tasked with the overall quality control, I quickly assembled a new test plan and informed the project manager of how the QA team could complete testing on schedule. I told the QA team about the updated plan, and we all worked late for a few days in order to fix our previous oversight. As a result of my attention to detail, the software was released with minimal bugs and on time.

    The S.T.A.R. method helped both the candidate explain his testing experience and it also helped the hiring manager get a clear answer.

    Try it out and let us know how it goes!

  • Revamp Your Job Search for 2014


    Vital-Candidates3to2Experts foresee the job market being more competitive than ever in 2014. With 10.9 million Americans unemployed, it is important to take a fresh look at your job search strategy. Now is the perfect time to refresh and refocus your job search in 2014:

    • Learn to look at job titles differently. Be open-minded about your preconceived notions of job titles.
    • First impressions are everywhere. The content of your social profile forms an employer’s first impression before you even sit down with for an interview. You might consider job-proofing your social media profiles.
    • Be prepared to land the job. You should go into every interview prepared to land the job, always come ready for a formal interview; you will never regret being prepared.
    • Be strategic with social media. Social media is a vast resource for job seekers. Know where recruiters and hiring managers for your desired industry spend most of their time. Be sure to also connect with the profiles or pages of companies you want to work for to stay up to date on job openings and announcements.

    Taking into account these tips can best position you for success in a competitive job market. Good luck and here’s to a successful 2014!


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